Its hard to Celebrate my life when I am still busy mourning for your death 
I still cant believe that you are gone

I cant believe that I started the New Year without you

Everyday I long for your beautiful face, your smile, laugh ..

Even though I say that you are in a better place, it still hurts 

Though I have been strong, the tears won’t stop falling down my pillow at night

People say time will heal but I don’t think it will heal the wound that you have left…
Only God knows the reason why He had to take you with, I get angry at times because I wish I knew the reason/s … 

I get mad at you sometimes for leaving me without saying Goodbye Ma…
You never promised to stay but you stayed until you couldn’t, I have survived myself..soft with sadness and love and memory.
RIP ; I Miss You Mother


Dear self …

Stay strong we still have a lot of battles to take. We still have a lot of struggles to endure. Let’s not waste time on people who don’t treat us right; You are a gift to anyone’s life you enter.

You’re a privilege. Every day there are people praying to love someone like you, with all your flaws you’re worth loving. Let go of the past. 

Awake each morning with loving and helping hands. Its you and me against the world…. we can it! ! 
Love, me 

10 Reasons why I Love You 

1. The first time we kiss , you have unbelievable the feeling of my “first kiss” 

2. You made me believe that there’s still a man still alive in this world that could be faithful

3. I love it when you’re jealous

4. Because of you I believed in “forever” again 

5. With you I can be me 

6. I love every single thing about you

7.I’m not perfect but I know that you love me

8. You make me feel proud to be your girl

9. With you I don’t need to be perfectly beautiful just to please you

10. The bong forged between us, was not one that could be broken by time, distance, or even anyone 


Black children drown in depression and cannot even talk to their families.. Do you know the reason why?? Guess not, the reason is that most families judge first before listening to their children’s side of the story.

Depression is real!!! Black children are suffering the most with depression they would rather let the pain kill them bit by bit because the minute they open up they get judged. 
Why are parents so silent? ? Talk, talk to your children everyday ; study your children and see what’s bothering them deep inside.. help them break the silence. See.. too many children hanged themselves, jumped off the building from 8th floor, parents blame it on witchcraft..No No, that’s just not it YOU DONT TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN . It’s so sad that the word “Depression” doesn’t exist in our native languages … 

Let Go Of My Heart 

I gave you all of me , I poured it out. I loved you , yet you loved me not . What did I do to deserve this type of love?? Why can’t I be happy?  

All the memories we used to share; I still remember the first day I saw you told me you’ll never turn away but here I am all alone. 

Sitting up all night thinking about the nights we used to share..the kind of love every girl was longing for was what I had. Oh boy, let go of my heart you’ve hurt me enough; this pain is too much to bare. 

I have seen the way you looked at her; the way you smile when you hug her. Damn you, why you doing this to me? Tell me why can’t you appreciate my all , tell me why you trying to change me into something that I’m not…

I just never thought you’d hurt me this much…Please let go of my heart